Ruthless lives in Jistebník…quite long village just around the main route with a few by-streets with a beautiful countryside with the river Odra, flood-plain soil and ponds and lakes. Our home is at one of those by-streets.

As a landmark we often use the near post office or the football pitch … and the completely colored and unnoticed fence.




Jistebnik neighbours upon another tiny town Klimkovice – where lives my  daughter Evička…looking after her ruthless doggies.

This everything is just about 5 min. by car to big city Ostrava, which we all really like – so if anybody asks us where we come from…we just reply with a smile on our months… “from Ostrava“. If you are interesting to see our small village, just have a look the shot.

…and now everybody would like to come to visit our home ground and us :o)







Ruthless adress:

Eva Madziová
742 82 Jistebník 201
phone: +420 603 202 322