Foxup Fine Blend

3 years 2 months

Tomy´s life ended after a collision with a car. Are places where is fragile and the dog's life. It was an honor to have this wonderful charismatic dog longer than 4 years to get to know. He was in good health coondition. He was an adult dog "Tommy", which began life in full and understand what is "the joy of the hunt".Tommy grew up physically and beautiful fur began to look promising, from the dog became an adult more posh and I enjoyed that Tommy will appear again at the exhibition! I was looking forward to that as well, as his father-Calmolly Peter Piper-received his first CC in the exhibition "up" in five years! It is going to happen. There are many Tomy´s offspring-I want them to tell this-that he didn´t ended his life as a result of the disease.


liwer/white dog

mother : Beresford So Be It
father : SH CH Calmolly Peter Piper

born : 2.4.2008

shows: BOB, BOB Junior, Winner special show, East Winner 2010,
CACIB, CC, 4x CAC, CWC, 2x res.CAC, 3x CAJC, 2x


breeder and owner: David Topliss, kennel Foxup, England







Calmolly Peter Piper
Telcharnor Simple Simon Telcharnor Charlie Brown Bomaris Envoy To Shipden
Bomaris Kerri Anne
Wayforme Sparkle Graftonbury The Ninja
Bomaris Island Mist at Wayforme
Calmolly Aphrodite Dazzler SH CH, IR SH CH
Beaters Brigadoon
Wardhill Whistling Miller
Lochar String of Pearls at Beaters
Shelian American Rhapsody from Calmolly Lochar Border Union
Bomaris Just Reward
Beresford So Be It Sh Ch Amichien Monte Christo at Graftonbury Lyndora Cracker Chuan Chablais at Lyndora
Chuan Chez Nous
Mompesson Here Say from Amichien Clanach Crown Destiny
Mompesson Cher-Delight
Lyndora Leanne Sh Ch Chuan Chablais at Lyndora Chuan Chivas Regal
Lyndora Golden Sovreign of Chuan
Chuan Chez Nous Lyndora April Fool
Chuan Chickadee



2012-04-24 Special show KASS Klokočůvek Excellent 3 Marie Merchant (AUS)
2010-09-11 National show Prešov (SR) Excellent 1, CAC František Šimek
2010-06-05 International show Nitra (SR) Excellent 2, res.CAC Hans V. D. Berg (NL)
2010-03-28 Special spaniel show Nitra (SR) Excellent 1, CAC, CC, Winner special show Jana Janeková (SR)
2010-02-20 International show Prešov (SR) Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, East Winner 2010 Štefan Štefík
2010-02-06 International show Brno Excellent 2, res.CAC Jana Janeková (SR)
2009-09-26 National show Prešov (SR) Excellent 1, CAC Ridarčíková Gabriela (SR)
2009-07-05 National show Bialsko Biala (PL) Excellent 1, CWC Maciej Wytyk (PL)
2009-06-14 National show Raciborz (PL) Excellent 1,, BOB Junior Stanisław Abłamowicz (PL)
2009-05-09 International show Bratislava (SR) Excellent 1, CAJC Katarína Prelcová (SR)
2009-04-25 International show Opole (PL) Excellent 1, Malgorzata Lorenc (PL)
2009-04-18 National show Czestochowa (PL) Excellent 1 Kirsi Nieminen (FIN)
2009-03-28 National show Nitra (SR) Excellent 1, CAJC Viera Vítková
2009-03-21 International show Katowice (PL) Excellent 2 Janusz Opara
2009-01-24 International show Trenčín (SR) Excellent 1, CAJC, BOB Jana Janeková (SR)
2008-11-01 International show Nitra (SR) Very hopeful 1 Ing. Štefan Štefík (SR)
2008-08-17 International show Bratislava (SR) Very hopeful 1 Korózs András (HU)
2008-08-16 International show Bratislava (SR) Very hopeful 1 Khomasuridze Revaz (RUS)
2008-08-15 Club show Dunajský Klátov (SR) Very hopeful 1 Marjo Jaakkola (FIN)


2 years



12 months


CAJC Nitra



BOB Trenčín 2009




8 months



8 months




5 months





2,5 months




2 months