CH. Bogaloo's Undercover

6 years


Black/white male

mother : Fairsky Murder She Wrote
father : Roqfolly Orient Express
born : 7.5.2005

shows: CH ČR, CH SR, BIS-II. honour class, 2x BOB, BIG-IV., Winner Special spaniel show,
4x res.CACIB, NPwR, CWC, 8x CAC, CAJC, BIS puppy, 2x BOB puppy

HD : C/C
FUCO: clear (AHT)
clear (2009-06-19)
PRA cord1 mutation:
clear (AHT)

breeder : Mia Humell, Kennel Bogaloos, Finland






Roqfolly Orient Express Roqfolly Innuendo At Cepen GbShCh 
Ardencote Astute
Ardencote Assurance
Mompesson Remarkable At Ardencote
Roqfolly Domino Dancer
Mompesson Just The Ticket
Roqfolly Bobbin Lace
Roqfolly Hot Gossip Mompesson Classic Master At Roqfolly Clanach Crown Destiny
Mompesson Mixed Emotions
Roqfolly Bobbin Lace Cleavehill Yorkshire Spirit
Cleavehill Tangerine Treat
Fairsky Murder She Wrote Fairsky Devil In Devon AustCh 
Fairsky Jack The Ripper
Ndolge Bite The Bullet
Fairsky Anne Of Cleaves
Tanalith Who Asked You Alhambra Oliver Reed
Shardust Mirage
Fairsky Tales of Terror AustCh 
Fairsky Jack The Ripper
Ndolge Bite The Bullet
Fairsky Anne Of Cleaves
Tanalith Who Asked You Alhambra Oliver Reed
Shardust Mirage


2012-04-24 Special show KASS Klokočůvek Excellent 4 Marie Merchant (AUS)
2011-12-10 Advent show Jistebník Excellent 1, CAC Gareth Lawler (GB)
2010-07-04 National show Bialsko Biala (PL) Excellent 1, CWC, NPwR, BOB Jadwiga Konkiel (PL)
2009-07-12 National show Košice (SR) Excellent 1 Miroslav Stanovský (SR)
2008-08-15 Club show Dunajský Klátov (SR) Excellent 1, BIS-II. honour class Marjo Jaakkola (FIN)
2008-04-19 Special show  Dvorianky (SR) Excellent 1, CAC Věra Vítková (SR)
2008-01-26 International show Trenčín (SR) Excellent 1, CAC Miloš Kašpar
2008-01-12 National show Olomouc Excellent 2, res.CAC MVDr. Ladislav Svatoš
2007-09-09 Club show Brno Excellent 3 Tarja Hovila (FIN)
2007-06-03 Special show Nitra (SR) Excellent 1, CAC, Winner special show Ing. Zdeněk Antonovič
2007-06-02 International show Nitra (SR) Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB Miloš Kašpar
2007-05-26 Special show Praha Excellent 2, res. CAC C.Muirhead (GB)
2007-05-12 International show Bratislava (SR) Excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB Mgr. Jana Janeková (SR)
2007-04-21 International show  České Budějovice Excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB MVDr. Ladislav Svatoš
2006-11-05 Club show Nitra (SR) Excellent 1, CAC MariaLuise Doppelreiter (A)
2006-08-20 International show Bratislava (SR) Excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB Tabo Giovanni Batista (I)
2006-02-11 International show  Brno Excellent 1, CAJC, BOB, BIG-IV. Jana Jašková (SR)
2005-11-27 International show  Zagreb (HR) Velmi nadějný 1, BOB puppy Paula Rekiranta (FIN)
2005-11-26 International show Zagreb (HR) Very hopeful 1, BOB puppy Sigrid Jarmer (A)
2005-09-18 Club show Brno Very hopeful 1, BIS puppy J. Olszewski (PL)


grand mother Roqfolly Hot Gossip



4 years



3 years



2 roky



2 years



2 years



1,5 years




10 months




10 months






7 months

11 weeks