Nielson Ruthless


liwer/white male

mother: Foxup Fine Romance
father: Nielson Ruthless z Czarnego Dworu

born: 15.6.2011

shows: Best Baby, Junior Club Winner, CAJC



CH Nielson Ruthless z Czarnego Dworu

Anw. Dt.Ch
Mompesson Perfect Partner

Clanach Crown Destiny

Clanach Union Jack
Clanach Crown N Scepter

Mompesson Double Intake at Sallidene

Mompesson Dream Chaser
Gleadsbury Just so of Mompesson

Harriet Rút

INTCH FINUCH Rwyn Excalibur

Inu-Goya Antaeus
Rwyn Unique

Rommy z Lovparku

Adamant`s Superman
Rwyn Heaven Can Wait

Foxup Fine Romance

Calmolly Peter Piper

Telcharnor Simple Simon

Telcharnor Charlie Brown
Wayforme Sparkle

Calmolly Aphrodite Dazzler

Beaters Brigadoon
Shelian American Rhapsody from Calmolly

Beresford So Be It

Sh Ch Amichien Monte Christo at Graftonbury

Lyndora Cracker
Mompesson Here Say from Amichien

Lyndora Leanne

Chuan Chablis at Lyndora
Chuan Chez Nous



2012-06-09 Club show Praha Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior Club Winner Ray Smith (GB)
2011-12-10 Advent show Jistebník Very promissing 1, Best Baby Gareth Lawler (GB)


























7 weeks