Ruthless Mr Marty z Zaglebia Foxup Fine Romance


Ruthless Mr Marty z Zaglebia Bogaloo´s Undercover Roqfolly Orient Express Roqfolly Innuendo At Cepen
Roqfolly Hot Gossip
Fairsky Murder She Wrote Fairsky Devil In Devon

Fairsky Tales of Terror

Bogaloo´s X-Mas Surprise FinCh 
Newmix Cosworth
Trimere Tribbiani
Mompesson Speculation
IntCh FinCh EstCh LtuCh LtuW-03 LtuSW 
Stardom Show Stopper
Mompesson Prince Charming
Stardom Ask Me Why

Foxup Fine Romance

Calmolly Peter Piper

Telcharnor Simple Simon

Telcharnor Charlie Brown
Wayforme Sparkle

Calmolly Aphrodite Dazzler

Beaters Brigadoon
Shelian American Rhapsody from Calmolly

Beresford So Be It

Sh Ch Amichien Monte Christo at Graftonbury

Lyndora Cracker
Mompesson Here Say from Amichien

Lyndora Leanne

Chuan Chablis at Lyndora
Chuan Chez Nous