Ruthless Sheron


liwer/white female with tan

mother : Bogaloo´s X-Mas Suprise
father : Mompesson Jester
born : 16.2.2008

shows: res.CACIB, 3xCAC

FUCO : clear by parents
PRA cord1 mutation: clear by parents




Mompesson Jester

Mompesson High Stakes

Sh Ch
Mompesson Blinking Hell

Mompesson Flash Back From Amichien

Mompesson Cher-Delight

Mompesson Duty Free

Mompesson Dream Chaser

Gleadsbury Just So of Mompesson

Sh Ch
Mompesson Secret Whispers

Sh Ch
Calmolly Peter Piper

Telcharnor Simple Simon

Calmolly Aphrodite Dazzler

Sh Ch
Mompesson Rumour Has It

Clanach Crown Destiny

Mompesson Cher-Delight

Bogaloo´s X-Mas Surprise

Newmix Cosworth

Trimere Tribbiani

Shipden Chuck Berry

Aurorsky Gemini at Trimere

DtCh VdhCh FinCh FinTrackCh
Mompesson Speculation

Clanach Crown Destiny

Mompesson Cher-Delight

IntCh FinCh EstCh
LtuCh LtuW-03 LtuSW 
Stardom Show Stopper

Mompesson Prince Charming

Mompesson Blinking Hell

Mompesson Duty Free

Stardom Ask Me Why

Inu-Goya Salutation

Cleavhill Witchcraft





2011-12-10 Advent show Jistebník Excelent 1, CAC Gareth Lawler (GB)
2009-12-06 International show Nitra (SR) Excelent 1, CAC, res.CACIB Alenka Pokorn
2009-06-13 Special show Sielnica (SR) Excelent 1, CAC MVDr.Vladimír Piskay
2008-11-01 International show Nitra (SR) Very hopeful 1 Ing. Štefan Štefík (SR)



Sheron in new home 2008

Sheron by the seaside 2008

Sheron by the mountain 2009

Sheron 2009

Sheron by the seaside 2010





Nitra 2009 - res.CACIB, CAC



Special show Sielnica 2009 - CAC