I have been on trip to England.........I must say big thanks my Eva and Tony, because "I'm on trip" and my child are "babysitting" my dogs.....especially when having Harriet which is in season and 3 Don Juan's - Hubert, Junior and Uran!!!! Singing LOVESONGS to her ;)


Now it is time of winter hunting. I spend lot of time with Hubert and Junior. 
Hubert is perfect and succesfull like everytime and Junior is studying new experiences. It is super time with them. 
I think Junior will perfect hunting dog. He likes it and that is the most important. Now he is still young and sometimes runs before he thinks :o)! Luckily time is a good teacher. 
I take Uran with us sometimes. He is interested about it....and it is good start:-)!

 You can see a BIG change of our web! It's made by Mrs. Mia Humell. It is interesting cooperation and I'm enthusiastic about it! 
I´m very happy for this friendship with her! I like Mrs Bogaloo´s like a friend and as a breeder. 
Thanks Mia! Im happy we got to know eachother!

On our web is soon pages to all dogs from our past litters...



At thist first advent weekend we finished show year. 
Last show was in Croatia in Zagreb. I was with Junior and Uran. There was two international shows. My friend Linda and her american cockerspaniel from Bratislava went with us. Sometimes I was doubting …is Hungaria really in the south? :o) 
There was snowing and raining. I think i will never see again trip nitice dirty from the snow ….Dubrovnik 8 km :D!!!

My friends warned me that there was snowing in Croatia they have only 3 snow-machine, but i dont belive them! Now i can say I was Croatia they have only ONE snow machine. I saw it on my own eyes. 
And the second snow machine they borrowed to Hungaria :o)! They were surprised from the snow.

Show was  nice. Big rings with no slippery carpets. Kind popole in the ring was here. Good beer,  but Linda´s picnick basket was  the perfect delicous! Several kinds of sweets. cheese, salami…..hmmmm. Coffee and milk. All perfect!

And the results? We are wery satisfied.

From judge Mrs.Sigrid Jarmer Uran got nice comments from the judge and was BOB puppy and Junior got  CAC and Res.CACIB
The second day was judge Mrs.Paula Rekiranta from Finland. Uran was BOB puppy with even nicer comments than day before. She loved his movements! But we know it about him :o)!

Junior got supernice very good! He was happy from it and wanted celebrated it!  His comment was about his very nice head and neck without too much skin…….and about not so perfect shoulders and bad position of his tail. But we know it about him too!

I send all resultr to my friends in the Czech Rep. it is posible to find it on the web. Only what I can say now is….there was dogs from known kennels like Trollangens, Barecho, Vom Springer Clan, Bogaloo´s and Ruthless :o)

here is a taste of our trip….

It was perfect trip!

During all way home we were planning with Linda our trip to Helsinki in June 2006 EUROPEANDOGSHOW. And in November to World show in Poznan! It is impossible to not go there! In Stockholm  2007 will World show. Judge for young and puppy class will Mr. L. Pichard . For adult will the same judge like in eurodog show in Tulln 2005 and we know what he likes :-)!

So will I meet you somewhere? :o)

News from health dog´s world….
Results of DKK : 
Joint Ruthless B-C

Junior Pot Of Tricks Ruthless C-C


We celebrated good style with big fun in the snow. Here is a taste....

Here is wednesday -hunting day:-)! We are vistiting hunting area Libava. I can hunt deer. Hubert- Avar z Podbarci usually go with me because he has lot of experiences. He say everytime that he will write a book about our days in the woods and hunting stories. The book will about dangerous hunting moments about drinking coffe and likers on the "hunting chair on the tree" and about sex too :o)! It will bestseller of course! 
He says love and sex is the best spicies in the world! He cant forget Eris! :o)

There are several photos from our hunting trip. Thanks to my friend Dr. Ing. Michal Kneifl who invited us to this action. I love this moments with my dear dogs.


This week was very nice. Hubert had a visit from Germany. New girlfriend Eris :o)! 
Eris´s owner Mrs Susanne did special news on her web and it was in czech language!!! It was nice!!! Eris lives in kennel "Aus Der Katschenstadt"- Thanks a lot dear Susanne! 
I hope we meet soon again.

Here is Hubert's new wife Eris Levana!

Now finished several busy days. I had not time to write some news. We were on club show in Nitra. It was little crazy....try go to show alone with 6 dogs :o)!

And the results.....Junior CAC from working class. Harriet was in honour class she was the first but but in this class they dont get CAC and she wom BIS from honour class.

Lorelai and Uran very promissing. Hubert had very nice comment from Mr. Bayersdorf!!!

Harriet like mother showed her childrens Judith and Junior. Judith was extra super! She won CAC, Club winner and BOB and BIS!!! Judges were Mr. Bayersdorf and Mr. Shields. It is honour for me!
It is nice find good family for small puppy especialy when it is someone like Renata. Thank you a lot for your care.

Uran and Lorelai licked my tears of luck from my face. They told me...we want be winners too!

Hubert and Harriet are fuco free!!!

Next week in Prag on national show Judith won CAC, BOB national winner, and BIG-2!
Big congratulation to her!

Still we are hunting, fishing, grooming dogs...we are good in this:o)!



We have next good news today!
Our males Hubert and Junior pass vet control with eyes. Our vet is MVDr. Stana. He is perfect specialist for eye´s illness. Results are: our boys are without hereditary illness of eyes!!!
It is wery good news for us!

So slowly step by step we pass all condition to posibility use Junior in breeding. (Cataract and PRA is not necessary in the Czech Rep.) Hubert is ready to do children for 6 years :o)!
Junior pass working test and he has excelent from show so he is ready too :o)))
but still not formaly...

But......the same like lot of others people I don´t like this limit for breeding- owner must be able teach the dog. Ithink it is stupid! Only dog whocan "aport" pass breed limit. Maybe we must breeding smart ownres at first and than continue with breeding dogs :o)))!!!

At the weekend we got several excellent news!
First from national Show in Brno. Miss Jana Mikušková won 3 rd place in Junor Handling with Jonathan Ruthless. We are very proud of their result! BIG congratulation from us :o)!

Next good news is from oposite part of dog life. Our beautiful Judith passed hunting test!!! She is very smart and she got excelent marks, She won title res.CACT. It mean she is expectant of Title Working champion. We hope she will have luck in all activities in her life :o)! Congratulation to her owner Renáta Tetrevová.

Now here in Czech Rep. is very nice weather and our small terorists spending lot of time in the garden. So my lovely garden look like army training area. Their opinion is: flowers are for nothing! Young trees are for bitting and eating. And others things in the garden are for destroing. But we love this black demolition groupe and brown Junior is their Boss :o)!

Club Show Brno 05 - judge J. Olszewski (PL)
We were in Brno at the weekend (18.9.05). There was Club Show. Uran won BIS PUPPY. Hubert was excelent 2 in veteran class and Junior excelent 2 in working class.
It was wery nice show. Weather was very good!
Hubert and Pepa were happy because they found river next the show area and they love swimming :o)!
It was super for them.

There were good spirit. Uran meet here his friend from family where he was born, Bogaloo´s :-)!
It was nice trip for us!

Our puppies were 22.8. two months old. they are 9 kg heavy. So I can say they are growing good. They like to eat Eucanuba puppy and taste them Royal Canine- it is Uran´s favourite food. He eated it in his breeder´s home.
We do for him everything what he want :o)! Puppies like every kind of cheese and curd. They know wery well how take bottle with youghurt to secret place and eat it alone without others dogs! They have a concret image what are sponge-biscuits. Boiled vegetables is good to eat and fresh vegetables is good fun and toy :o)! Our home look like rabbit house.....because carrots are everywhere.

Usually they attacking on vacuum cleaner and a working washing machine is not surprise for them! They know very well that open dish-washing machine hiding lot of goodnes on the plates :o)!
They know that well-bred visitors bring something good for them! Puppies know what is bathroom and what mean washing. They know that we use on them shampoo and conditioner Biogroom. Only on ears we use Johnsoon baby- because it is not pungent in eyes. But they don´t understand why we use this badly taste things :o)! And finaly they understand that run away is un-necessary! Sometimes it's boring to listen to the neverending sounds of their toys.
It is not privilege of puppies.......aunt Hannah loves it VERY VERY VERY much!

Puppies can travell by car. They know the most comfortable place for them on the back seat. But I´m afraid the moment when they will find good place for them on my legs when I´m driving.

They meet dead roe-deer, fawn, hare, pheasant and pigeon... They think that "IT" wath I call on them is their name and when they come they will get goodies or I catch them and hugs this moment they call noooo, noooo! Don´t touch me. I want NO KISSES! Because I´m RUTHLESS! :O)

They understand Hubert is the oldest dog in our family and they must admire this King:o)! They understand Harriet is their lovely mom but she don´t give them milk more! They understand aunt Hannah is perfect friend but they can´t touch her toy- white cow! And the best dog is Junior. It is older brother and he is partner for all activities! Uran do "Im King! and we are only SMALL BABYES! " but his life experiences are only 6 weeks longer time! :O)

Now is commeing the hardest time for me. Finding new family for this puppies! Im proud that I can say all puppies will have better home than now! Everyone from this puppies will nr. 1. in new family. New owner will invest lot of money to buy them, for good food like Eucanuba and cosmetic like Biogroom or Pet-Silk, they will have own good dog-hair dresser and lot of toys and goodnes! New owners will invest in shows and vet. They will accept the dog and change their life to life with dog. I thanks them for it! Thanks for new home and for make their happy life!

One more good news!
Junior Pot Of Tricks Ruthless passed hunting test. We are happy for it! I spent nice day with Junior during this exam. I promised he will get goulash and beer for good results! :o) So he got goulash and I drinked the beer :o)! Junior has in his 14 months hunting test! He is willing to do this work with fun and pleasure. I´m sure he can say thanks to his parents for everything what he can do. This all is only genetical present. i love his still good mood- he is mirror of his father Springdale Pot Of Tricks. Junior is nice young dog. He is product of good combination very elegant mom Harriet and well-built, strong father with fantastic character.......we know this perfect dog´s character from Finland. Now I´m sure that Springdale Pot Of Tricks and Harriet was good choice! This male is good with others females too.......especially when female dont have good exterior.

"Tell us which book do you read-and we will know who are you!" "Show us your female and we evaluate you...." :O))))

New boy in our family gang!
He is lovely, black and white puppy boy and his name is Uran.
Thank you Mia very much for him! We are really very happy!

We proudly announced that Harriet´s daughter Judy achieved great success at the National Winner Show in Mladá Boleslav (more than 3000 entries)!!!

Judy was entered in the young class and got hers third CAJC, so now she can get the title CZECH JUNIORCHAMPION!!!

But it wasn´t enough and at the final competitions Judy was awarded with title
Well done girls!!!

The page PUPPIES is updated! Our Harriet whelped five puppies!

European Dog Show in Tulln - Austria, judge Reiner Vuorinen (FI):
Our Pepa was entered in the young class and got Excellent 3!!!

In the weekend we were at two shows in Slovakia. On Saturday in Nitra, on Sunday Special Spaniel Show of Slovakian Spaniel Club

Pepa got the excellent 2 in the young class at the CACIB show and exc.1 and CAJC at the Special Show!

Hana got exc. 2 and res.CAC! Congratulations to hers owner Linda!

BIG-3, BOB and CAJC at the Int. show the daughter of our Samiad and grandaughter of our "Hubert" - Avar z Podbárèí - black/white young bitch FREYA z CHOTÁRA! Congratulations!

The page PUPPIES is updated!

Changes at Ruthless!!!

Our Pepa has coowner!
She is Mrs. Linda Volarik from Slovakia, kennel Layton.

New owner of our Hany is Mrs Linda Volarik too! Wishing them the best and happy common future!

We are expecting PUPPIES!!!
Harriet is pregnant and the proud father will be Walle from kennel Bogaloos!
We will update the page PUPPIES as soon as possible!
New links

Both sisters - Harriet and Hana - were eye tested yesterday - both are clear of PRA!!!

Special Spaniel Show - judge Marjo Jaakola from Finland:

Our Harriet excellent 1, CAC and Winner of Special Show
Judy and Pepa excellent 2
Joint very good 3

New page of our J-litter puppy - Jezabell Ruthless!

Our ten months old Pepa passed the Club Field Trial for young spaniels in the II. price!
His sister Jezabell in the III. price!

New photo at the Harriet´s page !

CACIB Show in Èeské Budìjovice our Judy got excellent 1, CAJC, BOB and BIG-5!!!

New photo at OUR DOGS!

National Winner Ostrava (judge Z. Antonoviè)

Judy got excellent 1, CAJC, BOB, BIS-3 Junior!!!

CACIB show in Brno (judge A. Korósz)

Pepa was entered to the puppy class and got very nice critique and Very promissing!
Son of our Samiad Ilek z Libockého dolu was entered in the young class and got Excellent 2!