Mompesson Perfect Partner * Harriet Ruths puppues went this cute ones :)

We also introduce "New Pot of Tricks"...


Nobody "Sun my life Junior" not make me warm and happy dead

white dead - leukemia


We had in Brno special Club show!

It was more than only succesfull day. We meet there our was big fun for us and our dogs! They played lots of noicy and gangerous games (running on the roof atc.) 
Judge was Mrs Jana Janeková

Harriet  CC and Spec. club winner- female
Uran exc. 2
Lorelai Ruthless exc. 2
Lancelot Ruthless Jun. CC, BOB, 2. Jun. BIS
Xstina very promising 2
Jonathan Ruthless CC
Junior P.O.T. Ruthless CC Spec. club winner- male
Judith Ruthless CC

Excellent day!


URAN and JUNIOR eye checked CLEAR!

New headphoto in his own page. New photo also of Legolas.


We are in situation like....everybody are bussy and world is crazy! We have lot of work and troubles.

 At this weekend was international dog show in Brno! It was big fun for me. It was succesfull too! Harriet is lady and she helped me with everything Junior is good friend too but Uran, Joint and little crazy Lorry are gangsters! :oD Their good mood is the best medicine for all illnes and troubles. They are lovely and the judge Mrs. Jašková think the same like me :o)!

There are results....

Uran              Bogaloos Undercover..................young class..........jun.CC, BOB and.BIG
Ben               Joint Ruthless............................intermediate cl.......exc.2

            Junior Pot Of Tricks CAC, CACIB

Uran          &        Lory

own girl:
Lory               Lorelai Ruthless........................puppy cl.................BOB puppy
Judy              Judith Res.CAC
Heriet            Harriet Rut...............................offen cl....................exc.1 CAC

Uran and Lorry make me very happy! Uran is showman in the show!!! So everytime he think that he is king :o). And my little fat girl Lorry is full of energy, enthusiastic from shows! I was afraid of her super funny mood because I didn´t want be in situation when she run away from the ring (with her 24 kg:-)) with me to wisit some dog friends:-)! Finaly everything was ok! And is supper go with 6 years old female to show and feel that she is the Queen...because she is!

So we enjoy to next show!!!


Everywhere is the terible snow! So we dont have any different posibility than have fun with it!

We have several new Lucky Luck´s photos and his family.

...and some photos in photogallery


New year started very good! It came a lot of snow and we have lot of snow. I was succesfull in hunting.. In photogalery we have several new photos.

Our youngest Uran seem to be a good hunter too :-)! He visited with me hunting occasions. His behaviour in the field is fine. Everytime he help Hubert with big pleasure. I think he loves it :o)!

In the end of the year I capturing deer. It was like a dream but little hard for alone women. It is emotionaly strong situation. I want only to say that I was crawling in the snow to come nearer to him. You must belive here is lot of snow. When I was sitting next him on my knees I saw on the long eye lash freeze snow flakes. Thanks to St. Hubert who is patron of us - hunters. Thanks to Mr. Siladi who teached me to hunt deers. Ant to my husband too- he is financal sponsor of my hobbies :o)!

Ther was national show in Olomouc and Judith got CAC and passed last part to have completly Czech champion title. We saw super progeny with father Sporingdale Pot Fo Tricks. All dogs who was in categhory "who won the BOB?" have dad Springdale Pot Of Tricks.


On our web are new photos in department LANCELOT and JUDITH




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