The weather has got better…so everything around looks more „xmas“…

I wanna give my family everything what is connecting with Xmas time which means Xmas biscuits, cookies,… but sometimes I am „step mom“ and try to find the best way how to do it in the easiest way.

Anyway, everybody in our family just loves tiny vanilla crescents, so decided to bake this kind of Xmas biscuits…and from double potion of the ingredient.

There is actually no problem with the puff, but the problem is with making the each crescent, so I decided to do no tiny crescents, but almost baguettes :o) much better idea, not so much work, but in the end is everybody happy :o)))

Yeah, it might be a big surprise for some of you, but 1/2 I patched up with strawberry jam with vanilla’s aroma, 1/2 with nuts cream and last 1/2 just ate the dogs :-)))

Everything is OK, I have now time and I can spend more time with my dogs. I have managed to do some „field work“ with Nikita…just have a look on her page.

There are some more pictures of Nikita…from her „childhood“ :o) 

She is my another promise :o)


now I wanna say to our „Mom of nature“ a big THANKS!
And last news…Tonda hunted yesterday one nice fox…so „LOVU ZDAR“

Thanks a lot to St.Hubert.
And a huge thanks to  Alice, who makes on my web site…so Thanks a lot to all of you :o)




It is wonderfull christmas time now :o) mud and wet is everywhere. Wery far away from my fantasy about wonderfull winter. After this time will come spring ...the same weather from the different side! But it is the time of young. We hope mother nature will help us to have puppies.

We plan two litters. If somebody need more info they can find it in section Puppies :)





Here in Czech we have one saying St. Martin arrives on a white horse...and it's's snowing and snowing. Here is the time when my dear dogs won't bring home a mud on their I'm really looking forward to see what's going on here...I've just changed the winter tires (Evicka did'n manage it as well as me).
But before that we had a show's sunday in Nitra...there was a Club's show. Nikita got her 3rd CAJC so she is now SK JCh. Heriet, Lancelot got CAC, but a day before we had a nice success on the int. dogs show as well. Lancelot got CAC and CACIB, Wioletta, a daughter of our Hana, got CAC, CACIB and BOB. Norbert got a bit of show's pleasure.

...the pages of Hubert, New Pot, Hana, Lory, Stina, Nikita, Jezabell, Judith, Joint, Uran, Norbert and Lancelot are expanded about some new pics. Some of them are a bit older, but really cute :o)
Our gang is enlarge by one young boy - Mompesson Jester. He is a son of great sir Mompesson High Stakes and same beautiful dam ShCH Mompesson SecretWhispers...hopefully I will manage to realize his onw page.



I think we are all in the same situation...everyone are bussy- hunting ducks, gooses, deers and wild pigs (this week 6 pigs)....drying fruits and  stewing I think it in plural because I have really good assistants! Other delicatessen are "black thorn in Becherovka" ! Becherovka is traditional herbal  alcohol. But we miss actualisation on my web... so I must show off with my catch!  It is Alice Schreibová. She will my new "Web-Lady" :o)! Im verry happy for her.

By dint of great effort of Alice we have new pictures of  Lucky Luck, Lancelot, Jezabell and Norbert.  Every dog has show results on own page. I enjoy to cooperation with Alice and hope you will like wistiting my web...


Added new pictures in photos. Last litters has been updated and many changes in the rest pages. Hopefully you like it.


The spring has became and the wild animals are not so tired as last winter, so my dogs can run after the rabbits which we don't have enough and the deer as well....I have just got ready my youngest for hunting ability test (Uran, Stina, Lorelai and Tjorven - she is the youngest, but she just loves it :o)
The spring time is a time of the our event it is puppies. we have thought to mate Heriet, she is a lady in mature age, she already had tree litters and what is more, we have got young bitches at home, who should be a breeding step ahead. But...I have to ask for exception. I'd like Uran to be a stud dog, but he doesn't have hunting test with retrieve. However, our club have stud conditions built on the working quallity of the dogs - not on the knowledge of the genetics and biology. So we have lots of stud dog (even the bitch) who has handy owner who has the the greatest oportunity - but these dogs have dissatisfactory exterier, weak skelet, poor movement with a problematic character. you don't believe?
yep...this is true. In this updating I enclose the request upon the exception for Lorelai Ruthless and Bogaloos Undercover to be stud. ...and what is the issue? I will let you know after our club's meeting conference which is on saturday.
there will be lots of people around ESS...some of these people had last litter (often just one litter) ten or fiveteen years ago...or some of them didn't have any litters and these people will decide about stud conditions. Their idea of stud dog is that he must do retrieve work and he will transport his knowledge of retrievering to his offspring. there is our plan for the nearest future...


Dear Ladies and gentleman,

I'd like to ask KCHLS and the section ESS for a stud exception for my imp. dog Bogaloos Undercover.
The dog was born on 7.5.2005
DKK 2-2
eyes clear - 10.5.2006
fuco negative
His biggest show success is excellent 2 from the world dog show in Poznan (PL), CAC, 4xBOB puppy & BIS Baby at club show, jun-CC, BOB & BIG-4

The dog is from Finland after australian dam Fairsky Murder She Wrote and english sir from quite famous kennel Roqfolly Orient Express. I'd like to use this dog for my own breeding and another from the Sweden and Finland. The dog is ready to do the hunting ability tesn on the spring.
Best regards
Me and our dogs...

07.03. 2007

Big thanks to faithful friends and visitors of our web site. I wish to everbody wonderful spring time.
We are preparing some changes and news in our web...




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