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PF 2009 and new Tommy photo.











New photos on Hunting and Galery.




International dog show Nitra more in section "shows"




News: We have several new picture from Pragobest 2008. Autor of pictures is Slavomír Jansa. Big thanks that he takes this picture and Mrs. Stanislava Jansová that she send it to me.

In section "hunt" we have new picture.



This actualisation write me- younger Eva.

First weekend in November was in sign of my new experience named Pragobest 2008. Easy say competing in grooming dogs :)! I was thinking a lot about big world of groomer since we started breed springer. My mum was not to much happy when I was begining with grooming as a small girl. I was specialist to makeing crazy shapes on Hubert coat. Fortunately she known what I need and she provide several springer :oD!

This grooming competition was in Prag. In the same date was International dog show in Nitra (SK). That is why I went to Prag alone and my mum was showing our babyes:)! Not absolutly alone. Nielson was with me. He was my model.

In the summer I got first idea try it. As a present to my birthday from my parents I got my own clipper and scissors. It is not easy explain to you storry about my present..:)! It was in August and my father ring up to me. He told me: „Eva, you have in post box message from post office that you got some package from USA. I think you should pick up it!“ So I was hurry up to post office, but it was closed. I called there and ask about my package. They told me that package is still in the car of postman somewhere in the village. So I was crazy driveing in my car throught streets and trying find him :D! When I nervously unpacking box, our dogs was enthusiastic from polystyrene pads :)! What lovely things was inside! I couldnt belive it! There was really wireless clipper for me and scissors what I call Rols Roys
in the world of scissors. I was imaginary happy :o)! And still Im..

Dog for this grooming competition can´t be minimally 6 weeks groomed. Im wery responsible so I groom Nielson at last before dog show in Bratislava (15.8.). Everybody who know how look like dont groom springer understand me how it was hard for me last time befor competition. :D he was so much ugly. Especially when I could not use my new clipper for was not easy :o).

I went to Prag day before. We spend one night in wonderfull hotel 30 km away from Prag. I slept very well. I have enought time in the morning wash Nielson and dry him. Myself too :)! Than we had delicous breakfast and still enaught time go to Prag. (Not enaught time is my all life problem. I think it is maybe genetical problem , because my mum has tis illnes too :oD )

Competition was in hotel Pyramid. It is very nice place. I was in category of biginer. In this category was 23 groomer with every different breed. Others category are difent of breed like- pudls, teriers, spaniels and other. That is why I think my category was not easy.
I won 2nd palce with my Nelson and Im wery proud of me :o)!


Start of competition. Nielson: "Stand I well?" Nielson: "I hope she is carefully THERE!" :o)
It´s finish. We are curious how it come out.. Am I enaught handsome? Our result :)





Report from "deer hunting still comming soon" :o)! There are some picture of Evička, Tonda, Václav - Peter and Nuni.
New picture in "


Early we will have news in puppy section and breeding plan.




News from Poland about big succes of TAZI RUTHLESS z Czarnego Dworu on Europ dog show 2008!
Junior Europ  Winner (EJW) 2008, BOB Junior, BOG Junior IV
Web form Tazi

Congratulation to Marlenka and Tazi






29.9.2008 I shooted "Royall Deer" reportage comming soon.....





New photo on page of Anna, Tommy and Michelangelo.




News on page Past litters and Hunting.




There are add more detailed pedigree from litter R and T and Peter (Bogaloos Undercover), Anna and Tommy.




You can find new picture on side of Ruthless Sheron, Lancelot and in hunting too.


Olga and me.....relax veekend. Next photos you find in photogalery.




This weekend we were in Bratislava. On friday was Slovakia club show in Dunajský Klátov. It is 20 minits far away Bratislava so it is ideal position for nice trip :)!

Next two days was Duodanube international dog show in Bratislava. We spend there nice time with our friends. Mainly dogs results was fantastic!

Results from this shows you can find in section SHOWS.





On this warm weekend was national dog show in Košice. Judge for ESS was Istvan Nagy. It was trip for my mum, Nikita and Nielson. My honey Nielson got his second Slovakian CAC :o)! Nikita has CAC and title nationall winner. Gratulation for my BIG PUPPIES :o)!

Košice - National show - Nikita CAC, National winner


Last Sunday (6.7.2008) I was with Lancelot on national dog show in Ustron - Bialsko Biala. He won CWC, BOB and res. BIS working dog!!! He is not only excelent rescuer but he is mainly show man!

Lancelot CWC, res.BIS working




We had super dog show weekend!

On saturday 28.6.2008.was in Brno International dog show. Judge was Jana Janeková. "Summer Brno" is my best favourite dog show in the Czech Rep. and this year was verry succesfull.

Rurhless Sthana - verry promising
Lancelot (Shrek) - exc. 2, res. CAC
New Pot of Tricks (Pepa) - exc. 1 , CAC, CACIB
Nikita - exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG I., BOG III.


On sunday.29.6.2008 was international dog show in Krakow. On saturday it was long day and we were tired...dogs too. It was first dog show for our Nikita and Pepa where Petr Studeník was judge. Everybody know he is verry severe judge. I was verry curious and enjoy to his judging. I was verry pleased from results of our dogs.

Lancelot - exc.1 , CWC
New Pot of Tricks - exc.1, CWC, res. CACIB
Nikita - exc.1, CWC, CACIB


CACIB Krakow judge Petr Studeník













There are several new pictures...forexample....Nikita- from dog show where she got CACIB, picture of Tippi, Jaczek, Anna and Tommy. This actualisation write me..Eva´s daughter Eva :). My mum sometimes forgot to write some important things. Anna and Tommy are our new member of Ruthless family. Two sweet kissing machine from England. :o)

And next.....Sthana was at her first dog show. She is like profesional!!! She do everything what I dont want.....and she do it verry well! :oD It was National dog show in Senec (SK). Judge was J. Janek and he likes our "grass-snake-eater" (...try to guess why we call her this name :D )! Nikita was with us and got CAC.

In the czech part of "news" my mum write several words about big thanks to familly, friends and me. my humility I will translet only that...she is happy for my help with dogs :o)! Patient of familly and friendship of good people. Work of all this people help her realise travell to England...visit country of birth from her lovely springers. She told me about everything she was enthusiastic from visit in the house of Thrudi and David Toplis. I think she fall in love with every their springers :)!





 Tommy and Anna :-)





Shortly again....."O pohár výcvikare" -"for cup of trainer" Pavla with Shrek (Lancelot) are winners! Congratulation


New photo Sthana and Elis.




Up-dating we find on puppy pages - that is surely most important! .... and new photos in photogalery....




New photo on page of Sthana and Mac.




New photos in page Tjorven a new page Troy.




New page of Sthana, Sheron, Mac, Elis, Tristan, Treperenda, Tjorven a Tippi.

Litters H, J, L and N have new detail pedigrees.

..soon will be here new show results.





New photos in photogalery and in hunting.




Today only short message...

We have new picture in department "hunting". Hope you will like this picture hunting storry :)!

Our lovely puppies keep our faces smiling every day. In the puppies page you can see more photos from our casual days. They are merry in every day time..sometimes I wish I have so much good mood and energy as they have.

At the end some new picture in photogalery. I hope photos and my comment will help you see life of my dogs better... :o)





Finaly I know reality. Have puppies is absolutly normal in my daily rutine. Everything must be in succession...word order is really overbold :o)! It is as merry go round and it is impossible to stop. Maybe have a rest for a moment, but very short moment.

I have spend part of my weekend in Prag. I have saw off Jester to the airport. His russia owners come back for him.
Im afraid about meeting with real owners everytime.  When dog spend time in my home.  Im afraid if dog will run to his familly and will crying and he will say it was terible time. He will upbraid..."How can you stay me here alone?!"

Jester didn´t make it easy for me. He didnt fall them on the shoulders. He was "my" we spent last time togother and walk away to terminal for animals in the airport. We say by and promised after was imposible dont cry.

Jester is very kind and friendly dog. He absolutly dont have any problem, extremly patient and very good!

In this time my dauhter care about the puppies. She dont have it easy. She sad "Puppies are fine, but their mums are terible!" :o) I think Stina and Lory had extra super hollidays in her home.

It is importatnt looking two litters when both have one father (I hope..hi hi)! For me as a breeder is important easy of care. Noconflict females as a mum in first time. They sleep togother in one "bed". Older puppies discover the toys they use sometimes younger puppies :o). They taste each other taste of milk from both mums. Still the best nurse is Nikita :o)!

I like snow and when i want go to the mountain i must take my playschool with me. We are well known atraction :o)! It was fine and we planing next weekend.

You can find new pictures in the puppy page and in the photogalery.



This web site is named „Ruthless“. The prime idea was present here just my dogs…but, the time shows that where are not dogs without people and we are not without our friend….and this everything in several meaning.


So this is the reason why you can find here lot of pictures of us Ruthless and our friend in the world, which is not just from the dog’s world, but we just enjoyed it. We can enjoy the hunting, so I decided to share our adventures and pictures from this area. You can find it in the section „Hunting


 My best hunting friend is my son Tonda. So I guess he will be on the pictures quite often . So welcome to our new section „hunting“

…but still the main mind will be my kennel and breeding.

Our close future is the end of the summer…I have great plan in my mind…I’d like to work out my dreamed mating…we will go to UK and help us Mother Nature…I’d like to have those puppies…be so kind, please.


I just love that plan and I’m really looking forward that… My mind and temporary drive corporealize Alice to web image and I have to thank her. Welldone…just have a look here…puppies plan.




Our puppies are 18 days old. They get throught manicure, first tasteing of meat..and they say " Hmm it is delicates :o)" and after several days I will groom them at first time.
Im absolutly enthusiastic from young mums! They accept other dogs...absolutly no problem!

And Nikita duly has lot of work. She is aunt for day care. She spend many hours with puppies while real mums have a rest and different fun. :o)

New photos in puppy page and in gallery.







We have too much work today...but very nice work for us...

Weather look like winter is comeing back. It snowing temperature is under zerrow. But in our home is sprig with youngly.

Our Stina - Bogaloos X-Mas Surprise and Mompesson Jester had 6 puppies. Five females and one male. Three of females hat tan.
We are verry happy!!!






I wanna thanks to everybody for so nice wishes and „sour cherry“ for us Ruthless and these once which came here when our last litter was born. So I read it off and I’m touched, showing all these wishes to Stina, who will give birth to our new pups very soon.

Thanks a lot


I will share with you the best pictures…











New photos of puppies.








New photos of puppies.






We have puppies!!!!!!

More information in page puppies.









New photos in gallery.








International show Trencin Slovakia - results find in page shows.








National show Olomouc, judge MVDr. Ladislav Svatoš:
Nielsou Ruthless - Excellent 2, Nikita Ruthless - Excellent 1, CAJC, Bogaloo´s Undercover - Excellent 2, res.CAC

New photo in gallery 2008 and new page SHOW, when we found photo and information from shows. In page Troy found innovation - PROGENY.






New photos Nesaja Ruthless and new photos and gallery.









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