In section "hunt" we have new pictures.




In section "hunt" we have new pictures.





Future miss handler.

Klárka (8 years old) with Marty Ruthless.

You can see....with nice dog can young handler do the best stand..... better than me :-)
I´m proud of them.







I had perfect asistent for makeing christmas gingerbread Sheron Ruthless- Šarka. She went to dog show on Sunday and I groom her. By the way cooking enjoy her very much.... and puppies too. We made "gingerbreed house" like from czech fairy tale. But in finish I missed part of roof :o).....I hope it taste well. So It is not finished yet.

International dog show Nitra 7.12.2009, judge Alenka Pokorn: Sheron Ruthlless - exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB

After grooming

Dog show


Here are some picture of Marty from our past litter. Thanks for them.



Pernmíková chaloupka:









Stina´s puppies in age 3 months - new picture on page Anna, Anastazie and Petr.




I was entered with Lorelai on Grooming show Pragobest 2009. She was excelent model and perfect friend for me on this weekend. She is like "machine" for good mood :o)! Our friend Alice was with us and take some picture. Thanks her for it.



Man in the heaven sometimes need to wake up our attention and mind. Maybe he want to say: "Dont forgot to changing of fortune". He choose for his exercise my dog Nielson. Actually all seems well. Yesterday it was first time I was crying from happines during washing my dog. Because I was verry happy - I have him alive. I can touch him. Finaly I can wash him! Now it is funny for me. But I think it is important to fell how much you can lost. He is not human he is "only" dog but very fine friend.

He is better with his health every day. He is running and jumping the same like before. I thanks to my mum and all friends who helped me.


Ruthless Mac has CWC from international dog show in Poznan- judge P.Bayersdorf.



In section "hunt" and on page David we have new pictures.





Vrisco has new picture on his page in age of 7 months.

Pavla and Lancelot won 1st place on "rescue competition" they survived all figurines and all finished well.
More you see on her web page

There are some pictures. Thanks for them to Kateřina Kollárová













New pictures of Stina´s puppies in age of 6 weeks.




Puppies are one month old and they have new picture on website.
Oli don´t lost but he get from his future family new name Marty.




Right now we have puppies at home. I´m thinking how they will grow....and what about their character and behaviour.  Somebody can think their father look like metrosexual and alcoholic. And mother...she eat everything very like and do everything what come to her mind.
Or you think something diferent? Watch HERE.




New pictures on page of Vrisco, David, Bridget and Lucy.




We have puppies. First puppy pictures you can find on page puppies.




In section "hunt", "gallery 2009", "dog´s fun" and "Interesting dogs and their family" we have new pictures.

New pictures on page of Vuiton,m Savik, Tippi and Jaczek.




New pictures - Serbia - august 2009 and new pictures - Hunting section.




On Lancelot´s page are new pictures from his water working :o). Big thanks to his owner Pavla.
We admire them very much. You can see more abou them on their web site.




New photos: Serbia - august 2009




I´m listening music in Serbia Goran Bregovič (Evička sleep in hotel)....Pavel care about puppies. He feels now as soldier out of work- war :o)

....and favorite dancing music

New pictures on Sharon and Bridget page....and pictures of puppies when Pavel care about them. Paul- thank you very much again! Tonda carred second part of my gang...mainly special care had Stina- future mother :)




"Zaplanje" - Srbija -  "My impressions from hunting in Serbia are still too fresh.
There´s a new loove in my heart. Stayed at Serbis. This pictures and momories are all I have.

More pictures - Hunting section




New pics in „Puppies“.





"Club show KCHPS - 14.8.2009 Báč"






Everywhere are new pictures...text will comming soon :o)






Grandmum Hariet, daughter Nikita ...and favourite fox....(Lucy likes borrow this fox
when her mum dont see it).... as you can see it on title photo


This year´s hot summer is bringing a nightmare of rainstorms and floods – and not only in our place. Attached are pictures of our ponds – changed into only one – assume that many fish were forced to change a bit its original place of habitation. Pictures in gallery – June 2009 flood.

  …hot days have also some advantages – we are bathing and swimming – and our „little floaters“ (i.e. Nikita and Tommy pups)  too…Pics in „Puppies“.


New section in our Photogallery – Dog´s Fun – contains pictures of our dogs enjoying doggy lifes to the full. Chasing the game, „hunting“ – and then retrieving the game.



Last news was very short – it was the one about the Kosice Dog Show…

 I was  looking forward it so much! It supposed to be our (mine and Evicka´s) first summer trip, but …. Stina was in rut so she cannot be showed, also we had three pups of seven weeks  (which cannot be minded by Tonda – philosophy „who doesn´t eat, doesn´t shit, too“ is pretty well applicable on men race, not only on puppies). I don´t want to do Tonda wrong – only few are able to greet and entertain puppies as wonderfully as he is.

Well – and Anicka cannot leave without her Mummy!!! I was listening to Evicka how the Cigan´s family prepared for us such a tasty lunch (I missed the spicy salame!)...whereas Evicka had so called vegetarian lunch... I´d like to thank this way to Cigan´s family for being such a nice company to Evicka (they are pretty good in it with their sense for humour...“I´m enjoying the life – as any other auntie“), for their tidbits and bananas...As Evicka said: „I felt so embarrassed to take  it all, but when I came to our tent it was all waiting for me there as Cigans thought we didn´t eat for a long time...maybe til we were in our mum´s bellies...“Ah, and they had a slivovitz, too! Next time then! I have to arrange something as well!

Dear family of Mr Viliam Cigan, I´d like to thank you for your hospitality – which I really appreciate! I know that  - being in Slovakia in the state of emergency – I could ask for help not only Linda Volarikova but also you (but I knew it for while...).

It´s always a pleasure be at the show with you!

Also I devoured Evicka´s story about comming to Kosice on a day before a show...

My daughter doesn´t know Kosice´s steel industry – so for her it was a horror ride between desolated smelteries and also the first time she saw Romany ghetto with kids laying in dust and dirt along the streets with dogs, adults sitting on the car seats in front of their slums...with ever-present pickle, dirt, poverty...

Yeah, my daughter didn´t know it – so she was seeking desperately for Mala Ida and pension...As she told me: „we left a horror I´ve never imagined and came to Beverly Hills with its luxury – so she after all found longed-for

In the evening I was pleased by her text message – they were having mojito and Pavel with boys Jameson on rocks – but they had to be careful for they longed for a peaceful night. And I wished to be there with my daughter seeing what the American dream really means, how is it like to yearn to leave the slum and live in the „Eastern Beverly Hills“...


In the Shows section is Anicka at her first show – and I cannot tell that shows are what she likes especially. Pictures will be in Shows – it was the show in Poland, Ustron, region Bialsko Biala.

Anicka get Excellent 2, Tomik his first CWC.

….to tell the truth – I didn´t have such mixture feelings about a show for a long time. More will be in the Shows section. It wasn´t about the results but about the „show“. Luckily, the way home from the show ring took only 40 minutes and my mood was improved by McDoul´s fried shrimps.


One thing really hitted me – I´m a bit scared by it but this Lucka puppy broke my heart. I already reared few litters, few puppies tamed me – but not the same way as Junior Pot of Tricks made it. I never thought it might happen again – and now it does.I know that the Almighty One has his plans – so I´ll be waiting what is he and Mother Nature preparing...


The original plan was to keep Bridget at home (oh yeah, she is the „Bridget Jones“) but now I know Lucy is staying – well, I don´t wanna bamboozle but what about to keep both of them? Anyway Bridget (who looks the better one  of two girls) is available – and I might sell her but only to the very especial owners. Demands are very high – really only for the best possible owners.


My pups are really having the good fortune – watch Vuitton´s video. His owners are pretty good adapted for living with dogs – vegetable garden has a new fence – over which aports are throwing and May has to find  them using his nose.

Victorie – has a company in her new home – and they look perfect together – see pictures at their page. Pleasant news is that Viky respects horses....

And me... I´m hunting the game intesively – so pictures are to be seen in the Hunting section.




Everywhere are new pictures...text will comming soon :o)




We were on national dog show in Košice. More on show page.




We would like to introduce you Nikita´s litter at first time on pictures. David, Bridget and Lucy. It is fantastic to care for only three puppies.

Peter has new picture. He and Stina have new klinical eye chceked because we want have puppies of they. After one and half years we can see very well what Stina can "make". We are dreaming about puppies from this litter....although first idea was Tommy.

Several new pictures on page of Valle, Viper, Vuiton. Actualisation on show page.



Here missing 6 weeks of our life. We will fill in part after part :)





On Tommy page part "Tommy´s progeny" - photos from kennel "Wicca". Puppies are beautifull.

Ruthless Mac in mooving




Our news: photos "Black + Jack", Blackie - Tippi, Jack - Jaczek, Tommy and his son Vipper

Ruthless Mac in mooving




We have new pictures in photogalery from walk around the ponds and happy puppy Easter :o).

In part of „shows“ are my (Eva-daughter) remarks from last show in Czestochowa (PL) and Ostrava (CZ).




Valentine and Victory send to us picture from new homes. You can find this picture on their page.


Big thanks to Katarzyna Tomaszewska for nice pictures of Ruthless Mac - Neli. You can see them on her page.

Favourite Ruthless spring moments not only from dogs life HERE  -  With sound

Do you belive somebody has problem with dog in the bed?! Look here  -  With sound


We discover Garfield´s secret....but he has still secial place in our hearts! If you don worry to know true look here.




New pictres from puppy´s life.



I was with my mum (and dogs too :o) ) on national dog show in Nitra on this Saturday. I like this dog show very much for excelent organisation and setting. Judge for springers was Mrs. Viera Vítková. Tommy got CAJC and Nikita CAC and BOB. Nikita passed conditions to get title Slovakian champion of beauty.


You can look to new picture of  puppies in age of 6 weeks. I took some photos with their lovely toy "frog mum". They love her very much. She is very soft to sleep on her body and robust to bite and stretch her legs from different part of her contrast to their real mum Lorelai :o)! Fortunately frog mum dont have problem when I want wash her in washing machine. In the middle of door to my living-room low by floor is small door for my dogs. All puppies thought it is only "windows for adult dogs"- not for puppies walking ...till yesterday...  they can teach new activities very quickly. I was surprised how much quickly it understand every puppy since first try it :o)! They are walking independently to hall-  others dogs used hall as island of peace without puppies but it finished yesterday :o)




Puppies have their own pages. You can look to their new picture.

21.3.2009 International dog show Katowice, judge Janusz Opara

Tommy - excellent 2
Nielson - excellent 1, CWC, res.CACIB





Others enjoy to spring but we spent all possible time in not far away moutains. Dogs have fun in the snow....exactly 1,5 m of snow.
Pictures from our trip you can find in photogalery.





Next new pictres from puppy´s life.





Thanks to Katarzyna Tomaszevska for picture of Neli. You can see more here

New pictres from puppy´s life.




I think it is right time now to write new actualisation. What can be better than news about puppies. You can see in our before actualiation some pictures of them. Our elegant Lady Lorelai is mum of seven puppies actually. She is still full of temperament like everytime. Father is promisingly looking Englishman Tommy. We have 5 boys 4 black-white and one is liver-white in colour like his dad :-)! Two nice liver-white female Valentine and Victoria. Early I will write more about them. I hope with more picture too :o)....but if you are very curious about them write me email.

Some pictures you can see HERE.




Puppie's photos - you can see it here.



Our Sheron Ruthless send to us wonderfull presentation from her winter holliday  Krkonoše. You can see it here.





Big admiration for Jana Mikušková and her dog Jonatán Ruthless
I think there is nothing what he can+t do.

 There are several links:

23.-24.8.2008 - MČRM - běhy jednotlivců
23.-24.8.2008 - MČRM - jumping družstev
2.8.2008 - Ostrava - 2x LA1
29.4.2008 - Brno - LA1
29.3.2008 - Ostravský pohár - jumping
29.3.2008 - Ostravský pohár - LA1

Springers in the Czech Rep. have to do hunting trials to be stud....  They dont accept nothing
different - for example something like this. I think this is more difficult than some hunting trials!!!


Jana congratulation!




More info comming soon  - now only photos.....








Contemporrary of my Hubert leaving us... Hunting friend Ergo went on his last way on the rainbowbridge.

 He is one of them black-white boy Ergo...


Mother nature is not right every time and make us suffering- but the same for all...with help of nature statutes.

Bye Ergo!

 You will not forgot.





We wish you wonderfull Saint Valentine Day

Im not abble choose the best picture- that is why I put here every what my Web Lady
Alice Wicca -  made for me! Thanks for them very much.
























Winter or spring....?! ....letter


Hiya Eva,

we‘ve got a brand new snow at Goralia…it’s still freezy, but I can small the spring in the air. Tree’s browses are getting be shine, the bulbs of coltsfoot and burdock are quake under the white duvet and the rivulet is now louder under the ice. And what about you…how are you doing?

Dearest Ev, I’m so glad you have a better mood with my Spring’s coming image…the true is that it’s not so hot up here …we still have to wait for the Spring. It’s just in my head…in my mind. In fact the Nature could be very cruel…that slight pulse of the ground is still under the snowy duvet and could shut everything what is alive up for long time…

The real spring comes with humming of mountains, comes thaw and the soil begins guzzle snowy cocktail. You can feel that thin pins and needles throught the shoe sole and then nobody stops that annual miracle. This is what I’m really looking forward…just I can’t wait.


New Sthana and Mac photo.News photos in Photogalery.....




Black-white darling from Austria+s Steyr - "Welcome at home!"




I found several pictures from untraditional "walk on the pond" of Peter and Nielson.
You can see it HERE. I hope you will like my comment





INTERNATIONAL DOG SHOW - Slovakia, Trenčín - judge Mgr. Jana Janeková


Today+s plan:

  Lorelai - passed conditions to get title Slovakian champion of beauty -  excelently fulfilled with bonus CACIB + BOS
  Nielson- passed conditions to get title Slovakian champion of beauty -  fulfilled (+res.CACIB)
  Tommy-Foxup Fine Blend : begin his show carrer in hight level - succesfuly entered - BOB
  Ruthless Sthana: dont eat many grass snakes :) and produce her in best way -  finished and fulfill non stop...

Mission completed!!! :o)


Big thanks to every concerned people who helped me.  

  Veronika - for help with dogs and handling "wild Lorelai".
  ...for snack with favourite hungarian sausage- sharp as knife :o)
  ...for kind company of all!

 We are looking forward new black- white member of my daughter+s home on monday from Austria "kennel Steyr!   .-)




We are opening our photogalery 2009 happily. Judge by yourself.
For this picture I thanks to my native of Opava - Ing. Dalibor Gregor.





In section "hunt" we have new picture.




New Tommy photo.




In section "hunt" we have new picture.

National dog show Olomouc more in section "shows".




First news from new year. We begun as usual in hunting style. Our web lady done our web in old style of visage but in super new technology. So I hope we will have more news and actualisation.

New pictures of hunting in section hunt are "hardcore" but only for people who think that meat come from butcher. This hard work do I by myself.




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