New photos in photogalery.

New photos on Natalia, N´Earl and Elle.



New photos of boys in photogalery when they swimming and Nany- who is not afraid of nothing :o)

Our swimmingpool


Our girls are the perfect daughter of their father and grooming table directly act on them hypnotically. If I had not seen,
I believe that it inherits :o). Girls absolutly love standing in show stand.


New photos of Buddy (Nielson).


Actually you can buy from us puppy females Ruthless Nancy


and Ruthless Natalia



There are women's delight - the joy like jewelry. The highlight of joy can be a piece of jewelry from Tiffany's - and in
the world of springer, there are also - and this is a Trimere. This is our Elle - Trimere Total Virtue.



New photos on Natasha page.


National dog show Prešov 11.9.2011, judge: Burski Wojciech (PL)

Lucy - CAC, Winner SK 2011, BOB


New photos of Earl and Nikol in age 11 months.



New photos on Joint, Anna, Marty and Nancy.



Club show of KCHPS was in Bac (SK) 4.9.2011. Judge Mr David Shields from Great Britain.
Lucy is the Club winner, Bibi and Nero excellent 2.

Added photos of puppies.



Childrens of our Lesana (Dorka Malamkozi) are verry succesfull in their show carrer. :o)

Don z Czarnego Dworu - European winner 2011, BOB a BIG
Dona z Czarnego Dworu - European winner 2011




New photos on Natasha, Nikol and Nikita page and puppy photo album. Thanks to Lenka Daňková.


New photo in photoalbum important dogs.


New picture of Bridget, Hubert, our maskot Wilda and several photos of our Sava :o)



New standing photos on puppies page.

In section hunt we have new pictures.



More photos from show.



On show is an update of the show ring club show KASS.
Thank you very much for the photos from Pavel Špás and Aleš Holásek.


We had holidays and other pleasures and sorrows. Puppies have grown beautifully. They are "sun" like their mother Anna. Boys Earl and Nielson are Bosses of gang. Girls do honor to their Ruthless name. They are in the age when they go to see more than just dots... so the next update already take a peep puppy pot :o)...



Anna and Nuni in age of 2 months :o)






News on page shows.


New picture of Tommy and Anna.



I would like to thank to all of you who sent me birthday wishes! Of
course, one is a bit balancing literally in such a time – and if it´s
not me without a little balancing in real.

I was viewing some pictures and found this one – all right, it´s three
years old, but what are three years in a woman´s life? Is it enough time
to become a less beautiful?

I am looking at it and telling to myself: well, that girl in the picture
looks pretty good. That picture was taken when my daughter was preparing
for a ball and she wanted me to pull on her dress as she wished to see
how did it look like. I am looking at it – nice smiling peach - a bit
over forty – who is not going to the ball (her daughter is going which
is quite all right).

I am writing to my husband: Why didn´t you ever tell me that I was
beautiful (between you and me: Was I? I still am – here´s rhe proof!).
And that idiot wrote me: But I did. Few times in the last month!

He said but a crap. I´d have to remember it!

When the man says to his wife: you are beautiful – she must be a real
silly goose not to remember it.

Or have I a hearing defect caused by petards or maybe by rifle. Or maybe
I am afflicted with do they call it....when you´re
forgeting...damn...I get I afflicted by the Alzheimer?

I´d have to remember him telling me You´re beautiful! I hearing only what I want to hear? No, that has to be changed!

I will have to write it down – for case he´d overhear it – or he´ll be
afflicted with those forgeting disease...that I want verses! I want a
bed full of rose petals...and I want a jewell – expensive and shiny one
(it will not offend any beautiful lady)! I want him to cherish me, to
treat me like a beauty queen – fuck, this has to get changed! Beauty
queen is not supposed to say fuck – but if it´s such a serious case like
her husband behaving like an such a case an informal phrase
can be used.

I am going to buy a new bra in a colour of champagne. Nothing can be
left to chance. Well, I don´t care a damn about rose petals. Anyway, it
will be who´ll clean it. We could go to lay about in some daisies...yet,
when a man is fifty-six, there is no time to lose...:-)




Results of HD:

Lucy Ruthless - B/A
Bridget Ruthless - A/A

New picture of Ruthless Hammond.



New picture of Stina jr.


Ruthless Hammond - 8months



News on show page.

International dog show Praha 14.5.2011  judge J.Olszewski:
Mr Marty Ruthless - CAC, res. CACIB
Lucy Ruthless - CAC, res. CACIB
Bridget Ruthless - CAC, CACIB

MV Praha Lucy vlevo Bridget vpravo 
za fotky děkuji paní Pavle Sojkové 


International dog show  Bratislava 15.5.2011 judge Ing.Stanovský:
Mrs Anna Ruthless - CAC, res.CACIB

Results of HD:

Nikita Ruthless  A-A
Tommy - Foxup Fine Blend  A-A
Anička  - Foxup Fine Romance  B-B


In section photos 2011 we have new pictures.



New picture of Bridget and Lucy.




New picture of Sava.

News on show page.

In section hunt we have new pictures.


Few pictures captured the spring in Jistebník - and dogs, as they can enjoy it.










New picture of Petr Junior.



New picture of Nielson and Petr.

New plan litters - puppies.




News on page show.



New picture of Stig.

Nielson - HD B and clinical eye test PRA, C, LL :clear

Peter is clear of DNA PRA cord 1 mutation and FUCO.



The delays add short info about the show in Presov (Slovakia).

Marty 18 months




I find old photo of Harriet today. She is 9 years old on the picture. I don´t know why we don´t have this
photo on our web site.... so I want supply it. She is for us the most beautiful Dog Lady in the World! :-)
I have to join her unknown photo from very young age..she is "ugly duckling" :o)


New pictures in photogalery.



News on page show.




In Shows section we have new pictures from dog show in Olomouc.




News on page show.



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