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New pictures of Perla, Petra, Petunie, Wilik and Nielson on their page.

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Tomyīs life ended after a collision with a car. Are places where is fragile and the dog's life. It was an honor to have this wonderful charismatic dog longer than 4 years to get to know. He was in good health coondition. He was an adult dog "Tommy", which began life in full and understand what is "the joy of the hunt".Tommy grew up physically and beautiful fur began to look promising, from the dog became an adult more posh and I enjoyed that Tommy will appear again at the exhibition! I was looking forward to that as well, as his father-Calmolly Peter Piper-received his first CC in the exhibition "up" in five years! It is going to happen. There are many Tomyīs offspring-I want them to tell this-that he didnīt ended his life as a result of the disease.


New pictures on page Perla and Petra.



New pictures on page Olliwa, Olliwer and Petra.

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New pictures of Carrie.


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News on show page.

Mr Marty Ruthless res. BIG


Our black and white and brown and white English springer spaniel puppies - to sell reliable hands. They are cheerful, their tastes and are increasingly well tuned . They are puppies - mature - like raspberries before collection. It is necessary to hide from them all that can be chewed well - or at least steal and carry in its bed like a treasure. They love company and its sharp teeth tested the quality of the New World - and live impression - that everything is here just for them! We offer our puppies to people - who know that the dog is not cuddly baby
toy - which can be placed in a cage - and there she will be happy. We need them to owners who suspect that puppy in time - when will at work - will have a long time - but it will be happier - until it their new family returns. We offer - sending actual photos, in a telephone or personal contact their descriptions are profiling the characters. We will be the new owners - up for grabs with the advice and with!

Our puppies are wonderful - they are the same as ours - Ruthless - and not for everyone! Call for information on phone +420 603 202 322.


Summer begins and ends spring marathon of dog shows. I am full of impressions and new knowledge from this all.

Iīll take it from the end... last dog show was under Mr Stepinski -unknown judge from Poland (for me unknown). I think he dont have good eye for springer and sometimes he can see what donīt exist. Itīs not easy to say if it is really only his problem or reason of this missunderstanding was not very good interpreter. It can be problem when he dont know diferent between lendgh and height :o).

Judgeing of Mrs Nicola Calvert- surprisingly I liked! It was pleasure Marty won the class- I didnīt hide my surprised face :D! Judge was very severe and awards very good and good marks very often- in my eyes rightfully. It was fine that personal in show ring know rules of exhibition and admonished handlers when they hold dogs in not aloved stand "face to face".

I was very disappointed from judging of Ray Smith. Probably we must sometimes "try" some breed specialist judge to get lesson for next time- donīt waste money for him. I really donīt understand why won dogs what he choose- I wish to donīt have dogs like this never at home :D! Everytime second dog was better than first. In some moment it was absolutly horror. Soooooo next time I would prefer go to Wiena better ...for coffee and sachr cake! :o)

In early of June was judging in Poland Mrs Ann Corbett. It was one of show where we come at last it was all hectic- or I donīt know what was happend still :D! Judging was dutiful and in direct proportion take long time. Some handlers in last time encourage their dogs with noisy screaming- now itīs just funny but at first time I was afraid that something was happend :). I wish them good luck and hope this encourage will improve defects of their dogs! :D

After very long time I was in show ring under Thomas Jakkel in May. He is atill awesome elegant man. Marty beat multi world winner and Im happy that Mr Jakkel saw his qualities. Marty will be 3 yers old in Ocrober and I think the best is yet to come. Unfortunately have dog- male can be problem when females are "after" season.... I couldnīt explain him "forgot it for 5 minits pleas" :D!

On special dog show of KASS was judge Mrs Marie Merchant. It was most fantastic event for many years for me! It is hard to find words how to say you how excellent experience it was. Mr Gareth Lawler was here too. We were talk togother after show. They are both very kind , helpful and willing peoples. I have never meet so fantastic breeders of springers. They are able to share experiences- woooow!!! :o) It was unbeliveable for me. They were so kind and done seminar about springers for us....lot of pictures, words, knowledges, observations and mainly experiences from years of breeding springers. I have their presentation on cd at home- it is my BIG treasure :o)! They give me lot of advices how to improve grooming. I hope you can see how better my dogs look since this time! New trend from springer world- cut down hairs from springer tail!!! :o)

I would like our cooperation with Marie and Gareth never stop....I have lot to learn! Im happy my mum support me and help me in everything what I do! We are Ruthless togother :o)!

Our the oldest dog Hubert is 15 years old now. I will not speaking that he is excellent and super.....:) he is old springer grandfather with his problems. He is stubborn and obcstinate. He donīt hear and has problem see good and his legs sometimes donīt obey him. This is true life with dogs and breeding of them.... it is not only about happy puppies who bite you in to your legs. Now I can say we have both of this extrem at home now :).... so next time I will write more about our 2 months old puppies from Stina and Nielson.

Eva Ruthless jr. :o)


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We have on show page news from special show of springer club KASS (CZ), international dog show in Prag (CZ) and international
dog show in Lodz (PL).

Ruthless Lucy- CAC, CC, winner of special show, judge - Marie Merchant


We have 4 puppies parents are: Stina- Bogalooīs X-mas Surprise and Nuni - Nielson Ruthless z C.D.
More information you can find on puppy page.


New photos of Marty.



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New photos in photogalery of Sheron. Thenks for them to Pavel Špas.


News on page show 2012.



If everything will OK we welcome in may puppies. Parents will Nikita with Marty and Stina with Nuni.



New photos on page Gallery 2012.


New photos of Nuni and Marty.


Nielson Ruthless and Mr. Marty Ruthless


We done a before-spring cleaning in our links :o)

Autor: Ivana Nohel- you can find her web adress in our links.


New photos of Stig, Nielson, Nicol, Nancy and on page Gallery 2012. Mr. Marty Ruthless - HD: AA.

Stig Ruthless 17 months



Peta - Bogaloo 's Undercover passed conditions for title Czech Champion.

Nuni and Stina have new photos on their web pages.


News on page show 2011 and show 2012.


Peterīs grand mother Roqfolly Hot Gossip- thanks for this photos to Mr. Gareth Lawler.



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