"Hunting" Ivana and Norbert Ruthless - Winner trial "BZH" Anna - me - Nikita
Life of breeder is not only about dogs. Relax in the moutains- offer for you too Lovely wellness
          View from hotel Summer rest on the downhill          
course- without dogs! :)          
source it white is salt and again salt
curiousness nightfall moment
sleep photo kuk!
in the rain welcome? curiousness
remembrance down up?
pouched marmot typically guard of castle!!! ! Nuni and Nikita
rampart dogs cannoneer´s
castle cannoneer´s good morning!
  Tommy and Anna  
  Lady "Bathory"? or "Ruthless" 
.... with her dogs
    spring rush
We are ready to work! Where this ducks fly away? We are liquidateing cornfield (it was
for wild animals in the winter time)
Hey come on! There are
some leftovers :o)
Hey boy! We want up too! ...when snow transformate in
the liquid gold :o)
waiting on the petrol station...hmm
will she buy something for us?
Mum, do you try to find some elf
undet the snow? :o)
Once up, once down..
mountaineers i will pick up your appels, but dont cry! :o) coffe in the mountains
I want go up too! Wouuuu.... finaly! Oh my god! She take us somewhere...
Ou shit, she take us outside! :o)) Will we like it? Isn´t it cold?
by the way we must try it.. it smell coldy ouuu it is cold!
Hey...wher do you go? Dont leave us! OK so we will go with you. It slide over!
Help! Haloooo somebody must call
mountain dog to survive me!
Give me your hend and
i will help you!
Hmm icicle....will I taste it? Yes I will! We are drying with nurse Nikita
mum, mum give us some money to tow! I want ski too! Hurry up! You are slowly as turtle!
It...what you can´t is Praded. Im king Hubert Wau it is bug fun!
Last snow apple Nikita and cone tasteing milk
Nobody want play with me Please, dont sleep... May I lay next to you my dear oncle?
Great sleeping with Hubert Hubret, small Troy and Nikita Ruthless Valentine
 Teta hlídá! 17.den - po večeři  Dnes vaří Nikita
Paterčata, Nikita a Péťa Řekla jsem jim pohádku - a teď budou spááát... Blažená matka
Tak...a šup šup do auta! Sluníčko zapadá za Ostrým Buky
Milujeme "kochat se"! Jak ti chutnala ta pusa??? Obrovská stopa divočáka
Kdo získá tento klacek,
bude "King"!
Jednoznačný "King"! Heriet vášnivě slídila!
Pepíček Už víte, proč říkám
Pepovi "delfín"??!
Tak rychle už něco hoď!!!
Kdo má furt čekat???!