SHOWS 2009



     12.7.2009  National show Košice - Slovakia - judge Miroslav Stanovský  (SR)  


Nielson excelent 1 CAC, Peter excelent 1 (in honour class).

Finally I know why my mum was so enthusiastic last year from this show.
It is really wonderfull place for dog show. I enjoy for this show next year.






















     5.7.2009  National show Bialsko Biala - Poland - judge Maciej Wytyk (PL)   

Tommy - CWC

Anna - Excellent 2












     29.6.2009  International show  Krakow - Poland  





















     14.6.2009  National show Racibórz - Poland - judge Stanisław Abłamowicz (PL)  

Tommy - CAJC, BOB Junior



     13.6.2009  Special show Sielnica - Slovakia - judge MVDr.Vladimír Piskay (SK)  

Tommy - Excellent 2
Jack - CAC, Winner Special show
Sthana - CAJC
Sheron - CAC
Tippi - CAC, Winner Special show













Tippi - BOB





     6.6.2009  International show - Slovakia - judge Barbara Müller (CH)  


Tippi - CAC, CACIB






Sthana - CAC, res.CACIB







     5.6.2009  National show Senec - Slovakia - judge Leszek Siejkowski (PL)  


Stana in action on show, isn´t she pretty?


I think she has nice move but in real it is better than on the picture.


Jack - CAC




Sthana - res.CAC


Tippi - CAC




     30.5.2009  ESA Třeboň - judge F. Jackson (GB)  






     9.5.2009  International show Bratislava - Slovakia - judge Katarína Pelcová (SK)  


Tommy - CAJC



     24.4.2009  International show Opole - Poland - judge Malgorzata Lorenc (PL)  


 Tommy - CAJC
Neli (Ruthless Mac) - CAJC, BOB Junior



Neli and posible to see they have common predecessor?
Grand-grandfather of Neli is Tommy´s father.


With judge Malgorzata Lorenc (PL)



    18.4.2009  National dog show - Poland, Czestochowa  - judge Kirsi Nieminen (FIN)  


 Nielson -  Excelent 1

 Tommy -  Excelent 1










There was National dog show in Czestochowa on Saturday 18.4.2009. Judge for springers was Kirsi Nieminen (FIN). I like dog show in Poland because of interesting judges what they invited. There was judge from Finland last year too(Eva Rautala). I prefer judges from real world of cynology. In the Czech Republic are usually judge on shows still the same old judges who remember only how looks springer before 30 years. I think they dont know standard of springer breed :o).

In contrast with judge on National dog show in Ostrava...sorry but I dont remember his name :o)! I think he saw springer first time in his life! It was crazy. To my pleasure he takes fancy dog from champion class (american type of springer). Who know how springer looks … know it is the same dogs in name and colour but diferent breed :o). I congratulate to handler- Honza of this dog to big success.

In Czestochowa was this year wonderfull weather.

I think distinction od springers in Poland is more better than in the Czech Rep.

Mrs. Nieminen was very fine. She comunicated with us and dictate long reports. I was showing Nielson in champion class- excelent 1. Tommy was in young class excelent 1. I have information title got only dog who won BOB. It is funny for me when I read on web sites of other people who have springers on this shows and they write about thirs titles from this show :o). On sunday Mrs. Nieminen judged golden retriver- only dog who won BOB got CWC. The same like on satrurday with springers. I think it is good approach....especialy in so little numerous breed like springers.

Judge gives to priority dogs in standard high with enaught coat. She comment upon errors to Nielson he missing coat for shows and champion class. In this moment I was sad there was noone Czech champion of beauty :oD with their groom (I call it burn up coat or spontaneous combustion-call it my mum) It could be something curious for judge from Finland :o)!


Show was continue on Sunday but after saturday night party were me and my mum too much tired to get up in the morning and go to show :o).

Spring show season begining....Budějovice, Opole, Praha, Lodz, Zadar, Bratislava, Sielnica, St. Gallen, Varaždin, Litoměřice, Třeboň, Nitra, Portorož, Klatovy, Raciborz, Kunratice, Lanškroun, Brno, Krakow, Bialsko Biala, Košice, Obervart, Boleslav, Split, Split, Split and Split … we will see where we will go to show ...



    24.1.2009  International dog show - Slovakia, Trenčín - judge Mgr.Jana Janeková  


Lorelai  - Excelent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

 Nielson -  Excelent 1, CAC, res.CACIB

 Tommy -  Excelent 1, CAJC, BOB

 Sthana -   Excelent 1, CAJC












Tommy and Lory




Sthana and Tommy




Sthana and Emil




     10.1.2009  National show Olomouc, judge Jana Janeková (SK) 


Nielson got in Olomouci in classes winner CAC!