SHOWS 2010


   20.11.2010 International dog show Nitra, Slovakia    

International dog show Nitra (SK) - 20.11.2010, judge- Bala Karlo SRB

Vuiton Ruthless - excelent
Nielson Ruthless - res. CAC, res. CACIB
Bridget - res.CAC

Bala Karlo judged our dogs first time and I think last time too :o)!
This man in combination with not good stuff- it was unusual. However it was nice trip to Nitra.


   2.-3.10.2010 National dog show Rybnik, Poland    

2.10. judge Elżbieta Sobieszczańska (PL)
Ruthless Vuiton - Excellent 1, CWC, NPwR, BOB

3.10. judge Zygmunt Jakubowski (PL)
Ruthless Vuiton - Excellent 1, CWC
Lancelot Ruthless - Excellent 1, CWC, NPwR, BO








   25.9.2010 - International dog show Wroclaw, National dog show Brno    

Wroclaw - judge Jerzy Olszewski
Nikita - Ex 1, CWC, CACIB, BOB

Brno - springer judge Miroslav Václavík, Posavaz hound judge Otakar Vondrouš
Mr. Sven - Ex 1, CAJC
Bridget - Ex 1, CAC
Sava - Ex 1, CAC, National winner, BOB









   National dog show Prešov 11.9.2010   

Springer judge - MVDr.František Šimek and Posavaz hound - MVDr.Barbara Larska

Tommy - CAC - finished SK CH

Norbert Ruthless - CAC, National winner

Anička - CAC - finished SK CH

Lili - CAC, National winner, BOB and BIG-II.

Savík - CAJC and BOB



Norbert Ruthless


National winner






   International show Krakow 5.9.2010

Posavaz hound- judge Vlado Piskay- Sava CWC, CACIB, BOB






   International dog show Brno 19.6. - judge J.Němec  

Vuiton Ruthless - exc. 1, CAJC, BOB junior, BOB
Lancelot Ruthless - exc. 1, CAC, CACIB

Lancelot passed conditions for Czech champion and Interchampion.


Lancelot Ruthless







Vuiton Ruthless





   National show Racibórz (PL) 13.6. - Judge Anna Bogucka (PL)   

Vution Ruthless - exc. 1, CAJC, BOB junior, BOB


   International dog show Nitra, Slovakia 5.6. - judge Hans V. D. Berg (NL)  


I souhld tell - more than usually- it was lovely weather at this weekend! Here in central Europ is raining every day for one month. I hope it will not normal this raining season!

Don´t worry...on purpose of nice weather it was clasical dog show´s morning. We leave home one hour later than we planed- it is not ideal for brittle nature :o). We love smellty morning coffe- it take off time. We have to prepare meat with bread and vegetable for eat..... and sweet pie. Like every time dogs little destroyed this pie. It is impossible to take dogs and cake all togother in one car! But it is our tradition :o)! Usually...I buy first melon on way home from dog show in Senec. We were not there this saturday morning was first opportunity. Melon is more comfortable to transport with dogs :o)!!!

Savik- our posavaz hound has her premiere on dog show. She demonstrate wonderfull exibition how much she dont want running in the show ring. Mr Berg don´t accepted this presentation and give to her very good. Anyhow she was only dog who he take a picture.

And springers....

Tommy - Exc.1, res. CAC
Bridget - Exc. 2
Anna - Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB


Tommy, Bridget and Anna





My new red Ferrari :o)


Foxup Fine Romance - Anna


Posavaz hound - Dona - Savík











Mum buy me new toy because I´m very good girl.






Our new specialit- cake- baguette from marzipan :o)





   Special show Nitra 28.3. - judge  Jana Janeková  

Tommy - CAC, CC, Winner special show
Norbert Ruthless - CAC, CC, BIS II. working
Anny - CAC, CC, Winner special show
Sthana - CAC, CC
Harriet - BIS II. veteran



1. Norbert Ruthless z Czarnego Dworu x Wioletta z Lovparku
2. Foxup Fine Blend x Foxup Fine Romance












Harriet - BIS II. veteran




     International show Prešov 20.2. - judge Štefan Štefík  
Tommy - CAC, CACIB, East Winner 2010
Nikita - CAC, res.CACIB



   International show Brno 6.2. - judge Jana Janeková  

Vrisco - CAJC
Tommy - res.CAC
Anny - V2
Nikita - res.CAC








     12.7.2009  National show Košice - Slovakia - judge Miroslav Stanovský  (SR)  


Nielson excelent 1 CAC, Peter excelent 1 (in honour class).

Finally I know why my mum was so enthusiastic last year from this show.
It is really wonderfull place for dog show. I enjoy for this show next year.