SHOWS 2011


   10.12.2011 - Advent show KASS Jistebník, judge Gareth Lawler (GB)   


Nielson Ruthless - very promissing 1, Best baby
Hammond Ruthless - exc.2
Joint Ruthless - exc.1
Mauricius Ruthless - very good
Péťa - exc.1, CAC
Nuni - exc.2, res.CAC
Vuiton Ruthless - exc.3
Nikol Ruthless - very promissing 1
Natalia Ruthless - very promissing 2
Nancy Ruthless - very promissing 3
Nikita Ruthless - very promissing
Gretka Ruthless - exc.
Elle - exc.1, CAJC, best junior, CC
Stina - exc.2, res. CAC, 2 nd winner of Advent show
Bridget Ruthless - exc.3
Sheron Ruthless - exc.1, CAC
Lucy Ruthless - exc.1, CAC


Nielson Ruthless


Joint Ruthless


Bogaloo´s Undercover


Nielson Ruthless z Czarnego Dworu




Trimere Total Virtue


Ruthless Lucy


Sharon Ruthless


Bogaloo´s X-mas Surprise



Thanks for the photos to Míla Šišková, Lenska Daňková and Pavel Špás


   4.9.2011 - Club show KCHPS Báč, judge David Shields   

Ruthless Lucy - CAC, CC, club winner
Ruthless Bridget - exc. 2, res. CAC
Ruthless Norbert - exc. 2, res. CAC


   30.7.2011 - Club show of English Springer Spaniel Club  Klokočůvek   

1st Club show of English Springer Spaniel Club was held July 30, 2011 in Pension Švamlův mill in Klokočůvek. Judge was ESS breeder Mrs. Trudy Topliss. Our kennel was represented by the following participants. Many of them were on show for the first time and was mercilessly them well and I am proud to is acquitted of all successful and I hope everyone enjoyed the show.

Stig Ruthless - VG 2
Mr Marty Ruthless - Exc. 2, res. CAC
Mauricius Ruthless - Exc. 4
Michelangelo Ruthless - Exc.3
Mr Sven Ruthless - Exc.2, res. CAC
Victor Ruthless -Exc.
Vuiton Ruthless - Exc.
Lancelot Ruthless - Exc.2, res CAC, Best rescue dog
Valle Ruthless - Exc.3
Nielson Ruthless - Exc.2, res CAC
Stina Ruthless - Exc.
Lucy Ruthless - Exc.1, CAC
Sthana Ruthless - Exc.2, res. CAC
Bridget Ruthless - Exc.1, CAC


1. club show KASS


Without you it would not work. Thank you very much Gabriela Čopjaková, Dana Kohoutová, Dana Čopjaková a mum - Eva Ruthless.


All team.


Mr Marty and me- exchange of views :o)



Mr. Marty



Mr. Marty


Mr Sven


Mauricius- Matýsek





Mr Sven




Maurricius and me


Mr Sven and Tony
















Stig and Michaela








Stig with his family


Marty and Eva Ruthless jr.




Mr Marty Ruthless 22 months


Michelangelo Ruthless





Mr Sven Ruthless and Tony




Victor Ruthless





Stina Ruthless





Bridget Ruthless


Bridget Ruthless


Lucy Ruthless



páry Nielson a Lucy Ruthless


páry Nielson a Lucy Ruthless


Sthana Ruthless and Beatka


Lancelot Ruthless and Pavla- best rescue dog


Judge Mrs. Trudy Topliss with her husband David and mom- excelent promoter of this show.




   National dog sho Senec (SK) 3.6.2011, judge: Petr Studeník  

Bridget Ruthless - exc.1, CAC
Marty Ruthless - exc.1, CAC, BOB and BIG 3rd place
Norbert Ruthless - exc. 1 (honour class), BIS of honour 2nd place



Bridget and Marty


Bridget and Eva Ruthless - judge Petr Studeník


hi, mum


Marty - BIG.3


Marty BIG.3 and Winie - BIG.1





   International dog show Nitra 5.6.2011 , judge: Jan- Roger Sauge  

Bridget Ruthless - exc.1, CAC, CACIB
Marty Ruthless - exc.1, CAC, CACIB







   International dog show Bratislava 15.5.2011 judge Ing.Stanovský  

Mrs Anna Ruthless - CAC, res.CACIB

   14.5.2011 International dog show Praha, judge: Jerzy Olszewski  

Mr Marty Ruthless - CAC, res. CACIB
Lucy Ruthless - CAC, res. CACIB
Bridget Ruthless - CAC, CACIB










   International dog show České Budějovice 23.4.2011, judge: Beradze Iuza (GEO)  

Hammond Ruthless - Verry promising 1

   International dog show Tel Aviv 7.5.2011  

David Ruthless - CAC, CACIB

   National dog show Banská Bystrica 1.5.2011, judge: Miroslav Stanovský (SK)  

Mr Sven Ruthless - Excellent
Mrs Anna Ruthless - res. CAC






   9.4.2011 National dog show Ostrava, judge Zdeněk Antonovič    

Stig had show debut on national dog show in Ostrava - judge: Zdeněk Antonovič.
Very promissing 1


   19.2.2011 International dog show Prešov, judge Skalin Bo (S)    

International Dog Show in Kosice was removed for technical reasons in Prešov, held February 19, 2011.
It was terible there- exhibition hall :o)! Judge was Skalin Bo (S).

Lucy drove the addition of mixed feelings and res CAC, res. CACIB



   22.1.2011 International dog show Trenčín, judge Felszéghyová Eva    

Bridget Ruthless - exc.1, CAC, CACIB

female CACIB


   8.1.2011 National dog show Olomouc, judge Ing. Štefan Štefík    

Mr Marty Ruthless - exc.1, CAJC, Nejlepší mladý, BOB
Mr Sven Ruthless - vg 1
Vuiton Ruthless - vg 2
Mauricius Ruthless - vg 2
Bridget Ruthless - exc.1, CAC, National winner
Foxup Fine Romance - exc.1, CAC


Bridget - Olomouc 2010 National Winner


Eva and Marty